Gas Station Pump Islands

Your fuel stations will be much safer and more durable with precast concrete covers.


Topaz Precast Concrete

Fuel pumps are not get damaged with precast concrete protection in case of an accident. It is one of the important security measures for fuel stations. The traditional metal protections was made of chromium is have a lack of fire and electricity(conductive) protection. To clear all the risks and danger factors stations should pick precast concrete. Precast concrete is a cement-based product that doesn’t have a risk of caught fire and it isn’t conductive. One of the advantages of choosing precast concrete is production is made of your brands standard therefor installment is fully compatible and easy.

Why Precast Concrete?


The most important issue in fuel stations is security. one of the measures taken for this issue is precast concrete. Custom produced precast concrete is a fire-resistant, non-conductive solid product. It also aims to minimize damage for unforeseen car accidents that can occur on pump stations.


More than a thousand company uses special precast concrete and complement precast products such as tiles, precast ramp, trash bins, flowerpots, and more product types are being used.

Green Technology

Precast Concrete is a cement-based product that has no risk of fire. One important reason to companies choose precast concrete is it comes with company standard dimension values that make easy install on field

Precast concrete is determined according to your station’s needs. If you want to get a quotation please contact us.